Saturday, February 4, 2012

"It didn't matter that we got away with it...

. . . we were still wrong."
So wrote a TGR poster reflecting on a prior tour in the aftermath of a deadly incident.

Apparently all party members had at least a decent level of training and knowledge in stability assessment, rescue preparedness, and first-aid.
Yet they chose to ski a line capable of a 2,500-vertical-foot slide (i.e., imagine from the base of Tux all the way to Route 16) when the avy bulletin stated:
"Whereas last weekend there were 6 bullets in the chamber for Russian
roulette, now there are only three. Best to keep the safety locked." 
They had gotten away with it on a prior day, when they were accompanied by the TGR forum author of the quote in the post title.  But the lesson he took away from that tour was:
"It was great skiing on the headwall but honestly I didn't really enjoy it
cause all I could feel was fear and shame for being there."
Tragically, the other party members appear to have taken away a different lesson.

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