Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cornice Drop Video

As the saying goes, cornices tend to break back further than you think.
This video is a classic example of that.
Just be sure to turn off the sound if at work, though definitely save the sound for later at home, since it's quite entertaining.  As one commenter suggested, "close your eyes.... it sounds like a low-budget porn."
Even better, at one point the female videographer chastises her boyfriend with "Don't swear - it's videoing."
But then once the cornice finally drops...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Official Report for First U.S. Avy Incident of the Season

Following up on the first U.S. avalanche incident of the season, here's the official report:

Note in particular the lack of spacing apart of the party members, the lack of communication among the unfamiliar party members, the unsecured helmet, the nonreleaseable bindings, and the failed Avalung deployment.

The report says very little about the party members' stability assessment, with hints that the snowpack clues might have been deceptive.