Sunday, February 26, 2012

Avy on Irene Path in Daks

Avalanches on the Daks summer landslide paths are fairly common, but documentation is scarce.  

For a recent incident though on one of Irene's (many) new slide paths, we have both the triggering skier's account and a video narrated at the beginning by recently engaged Bob Yates  (congrats again Bob!) and a write-up by speed hiker extraordinaire (e.g., entire Presidential Traverse in less than 5 hrs) and rando race champion (when he doesn't miss a turn, but I'll take my victories however I can get them!) Jan Wellford:

Note that Bob and Jan made their assessment before the triggering skier submitted the report, so they had to guess at the sequence of events based on the physical evidence, but turns out they were pretty much spot-on.  Well sleuthed there guys!

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