Saturday, May 12, 2012

Possibly True, But Definitely Funny

Initial accounts of hiker incidents are often far from accurate.
However, this one is so hilarious as to merit repeating (regardless of its eventually proved or disproved veracity):
As the url hints, five lost hikers, in the dark, getting cold, attempted to warm each other up by . . . urinating on each other.
Obviously, this doesn't work.  Well, at least not past the first several seconds.
And while on the subject of urine:
- No, holding your urine in will not keep you warmer.  Yes, urine is warm when it comes out of your body, but only because it's been inside you.  In other words, it's not generating any heat, but rather your body is essentially working to keep it warm.
- Yes, urine is sterile.  Usually.  Assuming normally functioning kidneys, urine is sterile when produced inside the body, although it can become contaminated as it leaves the body, especially with females.

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