Saturday, March 3, 2012

Godzilla vs. Chairlift

Some avalanche incidents are highly educational, although others are more just "fun" in a Godzilla destructiveness kind of way.

With that caveat aside, although this video does show the often highly destructive yet typically slow-moving nature of a wet slide, I have to admit that seeing an avalanche crash into the base of a high-speed quad is kind of "fun" (given that everyone comes out okay, especially the skiers seemingly unconcerned despite their apparently close proximity):

The video from the chairlift provides a good view of the bed surface:

And finally, like everything else in the Alps, even a chairlift evac involves a helicopter:
(While in Chamonix for the first week of our honeymoon, I probably saw more helicopters in the "backcountry" than in all my time back in the U.S.!  At the hut, a broken pair of ski bindings was "repaired" by just buying a pair of bindings over the phone from a ski shop, which then loaded it onto a helicopter along with the food for that evening's dinner.)

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